Pavilion let’s play!

Designed by DREAM agency

Pavilion let’s play! celebrates games in all their forms at the occasion of the Villa Medici Festival des Cabanes 2022. Its open-air structure and wooded curves offer the public a sensory, playful and sporting experience.

The game begins at the entrance, where the spiral structure gradually guides the visitor to the central area. Punctuated by basketball nets at different heights and football cages, it encourages young and old to play ball games.

The regulatory format of the sports fields is here distorted in favour of a rounded and sculptural enclosure, encouraging the free and creative use of the space by the users. The pavilion can host sports initiations, artistic performances or conferences.

Pavilion let’s play!
is presented for the first time in the occasion of the Villa Medici Festival des Cabanes and then in the Grand Parc des Docks de Saint-Ouen starting from spring 2023 as part of the Paris 2024 Games.

Year of conception: 2022

Construction materials: wooden cabin, glued laminated floor and wooden sticks, recycled wooden furniture, nets, basketball nets.

Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5 x 6.5 metres

Key figures:

  • The pavilion contains 44 m3 of wood which stores almost 40 t of CO2
  • 10 days of assembly, 5 days of dismantling
  • The pavilion has 316 wooden canes
  • The interior furniture of the pavilion is made of recycled wood (reuse of the offcuts of the wooden canes of the pavilion)
  • Automated numbering of the canes was used to optimise the manufacturing phase as well as the on-site installation phase
  • Design of the pavilion with parametric tools
  • Optimising the cutting of the CLT slab using a genetic algorithm process (20% material saving achieved)

Design and production: DREAM agency, Paris, France

Manufacture and production: CBS-Lifteam

Association Rêve

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Image credits:
Pavilion let’s play!, DREAM agency, 2022 © DREAM
Aerial view of the pavilion in the gardens of Villa Medici in Rome © DREAM